Using HR Automation Software to Reduce Employee Turnover in Convenience Stores

High employee turnover in convenience stores can be a real challenge for business owners, leading to reduced productivity and higher costs associated with hiring and training replacement staff.

The use of HR Automation can help bridge the gap between the need for functioning personnel and reducing the rate of high employment churn.

By leveraging automation tools like tracking software, onboarding process systems, performance management tools, and talent engagement apps, convenience store owners can create an environment where employees are appreciated and incentivized to stay long term – resulting in less time spent on the recruiting process while helping reduce costs due to employee turnover.

Let’s dive into the benefits of this powerful digital tool for your convenience business!

Understanding the Problem: Employee Turnover in Convenience Stores

Employee turnover is a common challenge for the retail sector. Some key factors for high turnover rates at convenience stores include low wages, notorious irregular hours, and lack of career growth prospects. Many employees feel like they’re stuck in a dead-end job with no possibility for advancement. If the job isn’t providing enough incentive to stay, employees will likely look elsewhere for something better. Similarly, if they aren’t trained well enough in the skills required and can’t keep up, they’ll likely leave shortly after being hired.

High turnover has a dire impact on department stores, including increased costs, decreased productivity, and adverse effects on customer service.

These effects can be difficult to handle and can leave lasting consequences for businesses. Understanding the problem and its impact is crucial to tackling this issue, and convenience stores can benefit from developing strategies to increase employee satisfaction and retention.

The Crucial Role of HR Automation in Recruiting Store Talent

In today’s world, automation is the way forward, and Human Resources (HR) is no exception. HR automation can make the recruitment process for convenience stores much more efficient. Automated job postings and Applicant Tracking Systems are just a few ways that automation can streamline recruitment and provide a better overall experience for everyone in the human resource department, as well as, the applicants.

By using automation, HR can quickly sift through digital applications and identify the best candidates more efficiently, leading to better hiring decisions than the slow paper-based application process. Better hiring decisions can lead to a more productive workforce and ultimately result in happier employees. By automating the current HR process, stores can ensure they are making the most of their resources and capturing cost savings in the long term by investing in the right people who will work well with the company.

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Enhancing Convenience Store Employee Engagement with HR Automation Software

Convenience store employees are the backbone of the retail industry, working hard to ensure that customers receive the products and services they need. However, in order to retain quality employees, engagement is essential

With HR automation, convenience stores can create a more engaged workforce through features like automated feedback systems and comprehensive training programs.

These tools allow for real-time anonymous feedback and quick employee development, leading to higher job satisfaction and a greater sense of purpose for employees. Furthermore, engagement has been linked to lower rates of turnover, which can save significant time and money in rehiring and employee training. By prioritizing engagement through HR automation, convenience stores can ensure a committed and productive workforce.

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Improving HR Management at Convenience Stores with Automation

Convenience stores play a major role in our day-to-day lives. They offer a myriad of goods and services that we rely on, from snacks to gasoline to pharmaceuticals. However, managing a convenience store is no easy task, and HR management is one of the most demanding responsibilities.

Recent advancements in HR automation have made it possible to address some of the common HR hurdles that busy managers face all in a centralized platform. With automated scheduling, payroll, and benefits administration, managers can eliminate tedious manual processes and spend more time focusing on other aspects of the business. The result can be better HR management, which in turn can lead to lower staff turnover. With happier, better-engaged professionals at the helm, convenience stores can improve customer experiences and overall performance, and lead to a more successful business in the end.

Eliminate Clutter in Your Retail Store with Automation

Are you tired of the clutter that comes with piles of papers and receipts at your convenience store? Going paperless can eliminate all that mess and make your most tedious processes more streamlined.

The faster-automated processes that come with tools like HR automation and AP automation will help customers get in and out quickly, which can be particularly helpful during peak hours. Moreover, eliminating paper receipts will lead to significant cost savings on expenses such as paper, ink, maintenance on printers, and more.

In addition to convenience, going paperless can also provide better security for the store and its customers’ personal information. A store is also likely to be more organized than ever before with easy digital access to all of the necessary documents. Consider going paperless and see the positive difference it makes for both customers and employees alike.

Start Your Store’s Digital Transformation Journey Today!

In conclusion, the potential of HR automation to reduce employee turnover in convenience stores cannot be ignored. Throughout this discussion, we have explored the benefits and challenges of incorporating automation into HR processes. We have highlighted how automation can make the hiring process smoother and more efficient, while also improving employee engagement and satisfaction.

By reducing the burden on HR staff, automation can free up valuable time for human resources to focus on other crucial tasks. Moreover, automation can standardize HR practices to ensure fairness and consistency across the board. While there are certainly challenges to implementing automation, especially in small businesses, the potential benefits far outweigh the costs. Ultimately, the use of HR automation in convenience stores will help to create a more secure, stable, and productive workforce.

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Human Resources (HR) Employee Software Management

You want to manage human resources, not documents.

Data Entry Time for Common HR Documents chart

The human part of “human resources” is the most complex and unpredictable piece of your job. Therefore, shouldn’t the resources be the easier-to-manage piece?

At Mosaic, we think the answer to that question is a hearty “yes.” Your goal is to manage, hire, onboard, and retain the best possible candidates to help your organization achieve its dreams, not get bogged down in a bottomless well of paper applications, background checks, employee records, and benefits forms. Our HR automation software takes the work out of the process.

Save time instantly with our ECM Document Management software for HR departments so you can say “no” to time-consuming HR processes. Our HR software eliminates:

  • Overstuffed filing cabinets filled with sensitive employee data
  • The need to transfer physical files between department buildings and with onboarding employees
  • Stressed out HR personnel constantly trying to keep HR records secure without any human error
  • Employee strife over time management, expense claims, leave management, employee time, benefits, and most other tasks. Those time-consuming tasks are done quickly by your employees with automation tools
  • Your Human Resource Management team bogged down with tedious activities, bottle necked workflow, and inadequate opportunity to positively impact your business 
  • Poor onboarding experiences as new hires get frustrated with slow and confusing processes

Integrate our paperless solution with your current HR System, no matter what it is for a more positive new hire experience!

HR automation means less staff required for security and data backups. Productivity increases as the HR staff are freed from manual data entry. Security is automatically included in the virtual environment. Your human resource information management system is scalable as your business grows. Additionally, you create a level of consistency throughout your team that will stand up to audits.

Now you’ll have secure cloud-based storage allowing your HR managers to access your entire human resources management information system.

Need to process new hires? Check your HR systems.

Need to check on leave requests? Check your HR records without having to leave your desk.

Ready to level up your HR department’s capabilities with automation tools that free up bandwidth, making sure top talent gets in the door and situated in the right position?

Downloadable Guide: Centralize Records, Manage Compliance and Eliminate Paper

Your goal is to hire the best candidates to help your organization achieve its strategic goals. If you’re hindered by outdated technology, or worse, no technology, you’re struggling with paper shuffling and not finding the best people, or proving the value your department brings to the entire business. HR automation software facilitates decision making, performance management, benefits administration, and even attendance management.

Time-consuming tasks and activities can be simplified or even eliminated with our cloud-based HR automation solutions. Cloud HR automation allows employees a self-service solution for benefits management, expense claims, leave management, business information, and training for a more positive employee experience throughout their lifecycle with your company.

ECM HR Compliance DocStar

DocStar HR Automation Software implemented as a cloud-based solution or on premises empowers busy HR professionals to:

  • Automate the onboarding process for new hires and route documents to the appropriate managers with electronic forms ensuring a positive and speedy onboarding experience.
  • Seamless new employee onboarding with secure, built-in workflows in cloud HR software to ensure that the HR team has the correct information at the right time and identify anything that’s missing. 
  • Automatic reminders sent to onboarding employees to notify them about missing documents or task requirements to eliminate the back and forth bottlenecks in the process.
  • Cloud HR software securely processes, stores and manages employee files with digital folders that ensure separation of crucial HR documents like I-9s, medical records, employee IDs, performance reviews, and other employee documents and manuals, making stressful audits a thing of the past.
  • Easily manage and update documents and data throughout the entire employee lifecycle with records all in one single cloud.
  • Boost employee engagement with easy to use employee portals and step by step outlines throughout the onboarding process. 
  • Focus on issues around employee performance, drivers of engagement, retention, and satisfaction, not chasing down paper forms and files.
  • Enhance your productivity with software solutions that make your job more efficient and fun.

DocStar solutions are easy to learn, easy to use, and affordable for any Human Resource Department. Our cloud HR automation solution will help you capture, share, and retain documents with a click of a mouse or tap on a screen. 

  • Streamline document processes and reduce errors with automatic updates
  • Simplify and reduce the costs of compliance
  • Control access to files in cloud HR anytime, anywhere 
  • Keep an accurate record of the entire employee lifecycle all in one place
  • Check employee status throughout onboarding and employee training in real time
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Improve support for employees and management
  • Instantly locate documents without leaving your desk
  • Move from cumbersome paper to digital documents
  • Reduce demand for physical space
  • Capture documents from virtually any input device, from any location
  • User-defined security access with multiple security setup
  • Flexible on-premises or cloud-based deployment options offer even better ROI
  • Search for any HR documents in one single cloud with a fast, Google-like search
  • Access DocStar ECM from within Microsoft Office programs for greater ease of use
  • Import documents from within their native program
  • Integrates with most HRIS systems software solutions
  • Digital workflows can be as basic or detailed as needed
  • Interviewing, onboarding, and separation workflow automation
  • Ensures compliance with legislative acts like HIPAA and ADA, and regulations like the Affordable Care Act
  • Boost employee engagement in the onboarding experience
  • Implement tools and features like employee engagement insights
  • Keep a secure and up-to-date employee directory in one single cloud


It’s time for you to get started with cloud HR Automation software from Mosaic. We are ready to take you into the reality of a paperless future for a faster HR process. Ask for a complimentary demonstration today.

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Automating your Onboarding Process

Human Resources is a paper-heavy facet of your organization, with strict rules and regulations to uphold, it’s imperative that records are accurately kept to protect your organization and employees. Just because you need to keep accurate records doesn’t mean that you can’t reduce the amount of paper in your process. In fact, by moving your HR processes to digital forms and files, you can protect your records in case of a natural disaster and simplify your onboarding process. Learn how each form in your hiring, onboarding, and day-to-day HR activities can be migrated to a digital solution.


The Job Application

Your future employee’s first impression of your organization, the job application is often an overlooked part of your hiring process. If applicants get frustrated by entering the same information over and over again, they may abandon the application altogether and you may lose out on a great candidate. Even worse are physical paper applications that require data entry from your HR staff.

Take care in creating your applications by asking questions relevant to the position and organization, and automate them by using smart web forms that can be completed quickly from any device. You can create custom triggers that will change questions based on a candidate’s geographic location and other factors, meaning the applicant will only answer questions relevant to them. Smart forms allow for space to upload resumes, certifications, and other supporting documents as well, so you can have everything you need to screen candidates in one space.

By utilizing and storing online applications, you can also keep some standout applicants on file for future openings, and quickly find them when you want to move forward with hiring them.


The Offer Letter

The first “form” you give to your new employee, the offer letter is exciting for you to send, and thrilling for the new employee to receive. While every company’s letter is different, the standard content is relatively the same.

There are additional elements you can include in your offer letter to best fit your company culture, but the most important way you can make your offer letter stand out is to accompany it with a personal call or email.

By automating, you can create a template and quickly replicate it to change the information to be relevant with your new employee. You can use pre-populated forms based on their job application including name, address, title, and more. You can simply write the offer letter once and quickly send it out to any new hires, which is especially convenient if your organization is rapidly growing.


The I-9 and W-4

Often times the first forms a new hire must complete are the various government-issued and regulated forms for employment eligibility, taxes, and other important records. These include the Federally required I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification, the W4 Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate. These forms are detail-heavy and can be a long process to complete. Once the physical paper form has been filled out, HR often has to manually enter the data into your ERP system. With smart forms, they can be boiled down into simple fields with clear fields, with known information prepopulating many fields (such as the new hire’s name, address, and date of birth). By not having to re-enter redundant information, the forms can be even quicker to fill out. Once the web form is complete, the information simply overlays the physical form and you don’t have to worry about any missing fields!


Direct Deposit

While the purpose of direct deposit is to make it easier for employees to receive their paychecks, the process of setting up direct deposit on a paper form can be frustrating. Using a web form to complete direct deposit means that, like previous forms, known information is already pre-populating the fields and it is much simpler to enter routing and account numbers (no crossing out incorrect numbers!).


Short/Long Term Disability

Though essential to your organization in case of an emergency, these forms are typically just another thing to sign in the onboarding packet. Ensure accuracy (without sacrificing time) by including this form in your digital onboarding workflow. Known fields are pre-populated, and making adjustments and reviewing important information is quick and easy. Like all web forms, you can allow for a digital wet signature, no more hand cramps from signing forms over and over again.



Also crucial for protecting your organization, ensuring your employees sign their non-compete/non-solicitation forms during onboarding is essential. By including this in your digital onboarding packet, they can quickly review and agree to your organization’s policy. By including the wet signature, you can feel confident that the form is secure.


Benefit Elections

If your organization offers health, dental, eye, life, or other insurance, you likely have a pile of benefits election forms for new employees to complete on their first day. These are crucial to ensure your new hires get a full understanding of the benefits they’re offered and that they are able to select the correct plan from your offerings. Unfortunately, with the sheer number of forms and the fact that they have countless fields to complete, employees may accidentally skip a step or not provide correct information. Just like the W-2 and 1099 forms, benefit election forms can easily be prepopulated with known information, making completing the forms a much less redundant process.


Employee Handbook

Keeping your employee handbook in a central repository can be helpful for both current and new employees who need a refresher on your policies. By including it in your digital onboarding packet, you can ensure that new hires see and agree to your organization’s best practices. Plus, keeping your handbook entirely digital means you’ll save pages and pages of paper.


Post Hiring Forms

After the applicant has been hired and has gone through a typical onboarding process, many post hiring forms such as salary/performance reviews, salary or hourly time sheets, PTO requests, expense reports, training attendance, incident reports, to name a few, can also be automated as well. Each form or workflow within a form is a static URL that can be embedded into any web page or email. Users can easily click the hyperlink from their email or within their browsers favorites to access and complete the form.


With both a digital ECM solution and a smart web form solution, you can not only have future forms be stored in an online repository, but your existing paperwork can be scanned into your digital library and simple to retrieve whenever you need it. Your employees’ records will stay with them from hiring to retiring, and you won’t lose any more time by having to search through filing cabinets for the correct paperwork.


Upgrading your forms from paper to digital doesn’t have to be a difficult process, with Mosaic’s experience and expertise, we can help make migrating to online forms and a digital repository simple.