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Eliminate Paper & Simplify Accounts Payable with Mosaic Services

Our accounts payable automation services not only frees your team but also provides the freedom needed to grow your business in a paperless environment.

Benefits of Automating Accounts Payable Workflow

Our accounts payable automation services not only free your team, but also provide the paperless freedom needed to grow your business. You will be free from human errors in data entry, invoice processing, PO matching, and keep your suppliers happy with timely payments. We’re ready to help you get started:

Eliminate Manual Data Entry

No more typing invoice transactions into your ERP accounting system.

Reduce Data Entry Errors

With intelligent capture software, human error is significantly reduced, improving payables data for a seamless, paperless workflow.

Online Invoice Approval

Experience an automated approval process designed to reduce the time to approve invoices.

Seamless ERP Integration

We provide services to integrate with your ERP system seamlessly.

Reduced Cycle Time and Headcount

Pay your vendors faster and at a much lower cost per invoice processed.

Mosaic Offers Accounts Payable Automation Services

Through Intelligent Data Capture and customized workflows, Mosaic’s AP Automation solution from Docstar ECM makes AP processing easy and efficient. No more stacks of invoices on your desk, no more missing files, no more chasing the right person down to approve payments. And with 24/7 access from anywhere in the world on your computer, tablet or smartphone, your AP process becomes even more efficient and cost-effective. Plus, we integrate with your ERP to eliminate manual data entry forever!

Getting Started with Automating Your AP

Getting the most out of your AP automation software solution is critical to your company’s bottom line. Docstar ECM AP Automation integrates with any ERP or accounting system to improve your accounts payable workflow. We stop the “stare and compare,” eliminate duplicate data entry, and scan paper invoices with an automatic audit trail.

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Whether you use Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, Infor, SYSPRO, SAP or any other ERP system, by integrating with our Docstar ECM AP Automation software, your business can streamline your total invoice management process. Get started today and provide your business with an even better return on your software investment.

AP Automation FAQ

There are many benefits to implementing AP automation in your organization, including increased efficiency and accuracy, reduced costs and risks, and improved cash flow and visibility. With AP automation, you can automate the entire invoice process from receipt to payment, reducing the amount of manual data entry and the risk of errors. You can also improve vendor relationships by ensuring timely payment of invoices, and gain greater visibility into your AP process through real-time reporting and analytics.

AP automation can be beneficial for organizations of all sizes and industries. It can help small businesses streamline their AP processes and improve efficiency, and can provide significant cost and time savings for larger organizations. AP automation is particularly well-suited for organizations that have a large volume of invoices to process, or that struggle with manual, paper-based AP processes.

There are a few key factors to consider when choosing an AP automation solution. These include the specific needs and goals of your organization, the size and complexity of your AP process, and your budget. You should also consider the level of integration and compatibility with your existing systems and processes, as well as the vendor's track record and level of customer support.

AP automation solutions use advanced security measures to protect against unauthorized access and data breaches. These measures may include encryption, secure login protocols, and regular software updates to address any vulnerabilities. It is important to choose a vendor that has a strong track record in security, and to follow best practices for maintaining the security of your AP automation system.

Yes, most AP automation solutions offer some level of customization to meet the specific needs and goals of your organization. This may include the ability to customize workflows, integrations with other systems, and reporting and analytics capabilities. It is important to work with a vendor that can provide the level of customization you need to effectively automate your AP process.

Featured Case Study

Morristown Utilities logo

“Mosaic was fantastic. They hit the ground running and within a month we were ready to do testing,”

With Docstar ECM AP Automation, MUC is now processing 200 invoices a month. Productivity improvements enabled MUC to reduce the number of employees tasked with handling AP operations by 50%

Let Go of Paper. Empower your Business.

Let Go of Paper.

Empower your Business.

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Learn More About
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