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Imagine having every document in your company available at your fingertips with Mosaic’s single document repository.

Enterprise Content Management Software

Paper documents are the least secure of all business processes. Securing file cabinets is dependent on your team never making a mistake. Office space rented by the square foot has to include space to store documents.

There is another way. Mosaic offers document management software that allows for secure digital storage. All files can be accessed in real-time across multiple devices, including mobile.

Single Document Repository

Imagine having every document in your company available via a simple online search, like using Google, to find the document you need precisely when you need it!

Digital Transformation

Imagine that every document-centric workflow process in your enterprise was 100% digital, fully automated and measured through reporting tools. How would that affect your company?

Stop Email From Being Your Customer Document Archive

Individual employees in your company are saving valuable documents in their personal emails. This problem locks those documents away from any other employee to access and act upon these important documents. It’s time to free those documents and make them available to the first employee who can respond and act.

Eliminate Printing

Printing documents is your enemy in two important ways: 1) it is costly to maintain and support tons of printers and their downstream consumables and 2) printing a document removes it from the digital dashboard that keeps track of the whereabouts of that document when leaders need to see what step of the process that key document is on at any point in time.

Mosaic Provides Document Management Solutions

Document management automation speeds up the process of storing, organizing, and retrieving important documents. This helps to improve efficiency and reduce the risk of errors, leading to faster turnaround times for tasks that require access to specific documents. Automated document management systems also improve accuracy by eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing the risk of lost or misfiled documents. In addition, if an issue arises, all documents are easily accessible and can be quickly retrieved by authorized individuals, improving overall customer service and satisfaction.

Any Browser, Any Device!

Docstar ECM Document Management Software allows you to manage the paper in your office all in one place. The cost of paper is hidden in low productivity, short-term and long-term storage, human errors, security, and even shredding and disposal.

It all adds up. Mosaic offers a document management system for your entire enterprise.

Docstar ECM is a revolutionary product that’s built for the web and provides deployment options. Customers can install Docstar ECM On-Premise (Private Cloud) or take advantage of our Amazon Web Services SSAE-16 Hosted environment.

The same software, the same user experience, the same great results. Docstar ECM supports all popular browsers and mobile devices, delivering access anytime, anywhere.

Transform your business with our Docstar ECM document management solution. Say goodbye to paper documents and hello to real-time access with our cloud-based system. Cut down on storage space and paper costs with digital asset management. Our software is user-friendly, with easy adaptation for Microsoft Office users. Get started on your paperless future with Mosaic’s document control software. Schedule a complimentary demonstration today.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) FAQ

What is Enterprise Content Management (ECM)?

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is a system or set of systems designed to manage an organization’s content throughout its entire lifecycle, from creation and storage to archiving and disposal. It helps organizations manage and automate their content-related processes and workflows, making it easier to access, share, and secure their content.

Why is ECM important for businesses?

ECM is important for businesses because it helps to streamline and standardize their content management processes. It helps to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. ECM also enables organizations to manage and protect their valuable content assets and make them easily accessible to authorized users.

What are the key components of an ECM system?

The key components of an ECM system include:

  • – Content creation and capture
  • – Content storage and management
  • – Content distribution and publishing
  • – Workflow and collaboration
  • – Records management and retention
  • – Search and retrieval
  • – Security and access control
What are the benefits of using ECM?

The benefits of using ECM include:

  • – Improved efficiency and productivity
  • – Better management of content and records
  • – Increased collaboration and communication
  • – Improved compliance and risk management
  • – Enhanced search and retrieval capabilities
  • – Better decision making through access to relevant and up-to-date information
What types of content can be managed by ECM?

ECM can be used to manage a wide range of content types, including:

  • – Documents (such as contracts, reports, and presentations)
  • – Images and multimedia (such as photos, videos, and audio recordings)
  • – Email and correspondence
  • – Web content (such as web pages and blogs)
  • – Records (such as invoices, receipts, and minutes of meetings)
How can ECM improve collaboration and communication within an organization?
  • ECM can improve collaboration and communication within an organization by providing tools for team members to work together on shared content and projects. For example, ECM can support the creation of workflows to route documents for review and approval, as well as provide version control to keep track of changes made to content over time. ECM can also provide secure access to content from anywhere, enabling teams to work together effectively, even when working remotely.
Can ECM help with compliance and risk management?

Yes, ECM can help with compliance and risk management by providing tools to manage and track content and records according to legal and regulatory requirements. ECM can automate retention schedules, ensuring that content is only kept for as long as required, and securely disposed of when no longer needed. ECM can also provide secure access control, enabling organizations to control who has access to sensitive information and prevent unauthorized access.

How does ECM integrate with other systems and technologies?

ECM can integrate with a variety of other systems and technologies, such as customer relationship management (CRM) systems, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, and cloud storage solutions. This integration can help organizations to better manage their content and work more efficiently by eliminating manual processes and reducing the need to switch between multiple systems.

Featured Case Study

“The way processes are set up now, it’s almost error-free – it’s hard to put an ROI on that.”
With 85 percent of manual keyboard entry eliminated via Digital Transformation, processing throughput is up while headcount has been reduced by 50 percent.
Let Go of Paper. Empower your Business.

Let Go of Paper.

Empower your Business.

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Learn More About
Enterprise Content Management

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