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Thrive in the Digital Age with Mosaic's Transformation Strategies

Our client-centric approach to digital transformation positions your business to succeed, providing tailored solutions and unwavering support.

At Mosaic, our approach to digital transformation strategy & delivery goes beyond mere digital technology implementation. We recognize that successful digital transformation requires a holistic strategy, one that aligns with your organization’s unique vision, goals, organizational structures, and culture. By assessing your current processes and identifying opportunities for innovation, we design solutions that streamline workflows, enhance efficiency, and drive growth. From initial planning to final delivery, our team of experts works in partnership with you, ensuring that each phase of the transformation is executed with precision and aligned with your business objectives.

Embrace the future with Mosaic’s comprehensive Digital Transformation Strategy & Delivery, and experience a seamless journey towards a fully digital and automated enterprise.

Full Scope of Mosaic's Paperless Business Transformation Solutions

We help our clients become fully digital enterprises by designing, accelerating, and scaling their paperless transformation initiatives. With a comprehensive suite of services, Mosaic tailors solutions that support your success in the new norm of streamlined, automated, and intelligent business operations. We’re not just about implementing software; we provide the guidance, expertise, and ongoing partnership to ensure your transformation aligns with your unique organizational culture and business goals. Our consulting approach is driven by experienced consultants who understand your industry’s nuances.

AP Automation

Eliminate manual data entry and reduce errors with our AP Automation solutions. Benefit from online invoice approval, seamless ERP integration, and a reduced cycle time that maximizes efficiency and minimizes headcount.

Sales Order Processing

Speed up your order-to-cash cycle, eliminate manual data entry, and reduce errors with our Sales Order Processing automation. Compress your business cycle time and manage your resources more efficiently.

Electronic Web Forms

Replace paper forms with our advanced Electronic Web Forms, enhancing your customer experience, improving data quality, and expediting processes.

SYSPRO ERP Integration

Integrate seamlessly with your SYSPRO ERP solution. Add document automation features that your ERP system doesn't cover and retrieve documents directly from your ERP's interface.

HR Automation

Our HR Automation services allow for paperless employee files, automated employee onboarding, online enrollment, and seamless integration with HRIS, all under HIPAA compliant level security.

Intelligent Data Capture

Our Intelligent Data Capture solutions automate data capture, classification, validation, and document routing, drastically reducing headcount and elevating efficiency.

Enterprise Content Management

Experience the single document repository, digital transformation, and the elimination of unnecessary printing with our Enterprise Content Management solutions.

ERP Integration Services

Our ERP Integration Services allow for seamless integration with your existing ERP solution, adding automation and eliminating manual data entry to enhance your business processes.

Paperless Workflow Implementation and Execution Strategy

Implementation execution is everything in the world of software-based workflow automation. Mosaic listens to your unique needs and designs the workflow automation that optimizes your organization’s business rules and fits your culture. Further, we share best automation practices with your people. The goal is and always will be to maximize your return on investment.

Ongoing Digital Transformation Support and Partnership

At Mosaic, your digital transformation journey doesn’t end with implementation. We believe in fostering a lasting relationship that extends beyond project completion. Our commitment to your success includes continuous support, regular updates, and proactive consulting to ensure that your systems stay aligned with evolving business requirements. By providing ongoing guidance and assistance, we enable your organization to adapt to changes effortlessly and capitalize on new opportunities as they arise. With Mosaic’s ongoing support, rest assured that your transformation initiatives will remain robust, responsive, and primed to meet the ever-changing demands of the digital age.

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