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Manufacturing & Distribution

Staying on top of your supply chain has simultaneously become more urgent and more challenging as demand continues to ramp up. How are you making sure that products are being made, sold, and distributed at the pace your customers need? By making sure you’re freed up to focus on what needs to get done.

Whether you manufacture products or distribute products or both, we’ll help streamline all your paper-related pickles. 

Here’s what our solution can help you manage:

  • Invoices to receive, approve, pay, store and manage
  • Order processing and data entry
  • The millions of emails you receive
  • Documents related to both shipping and receiving
  • Invoicing your customers promptly after product ships

Downloadable Guide: Reduce Order Entry Issues, Process Faster, Deliver Sooner

Business today is more competitive than ever. Does your business have the tolls to keep up? SalesOrder entry is a mission critical part of the sales transaction. DocStar ECM Sales Order Automation takes the extra work and worry out of sales order entry, automating the process and eliminating manual sales-order entry errors.

The DocStar ECM Paperless Solution includes the following benefits:

• Reliable integration with your ERP accounting and shipping software apps
• Easy workflow process for all users
• Scanning from any device you already own
• Online approval workflows for invoices and other documents

We have been using DocStar as a Storage and retrieval database for over 5 years. We are very pleased with the results. It has improved our productivity by eliminating the need for employees to search through multiple online file or sets of flat files for a specific drawing and eliminated employees searching for files that are sitting on co-workers’ desks.

Beth WolfeExecutive Assistant of Construction, Selig Enterprises
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