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Manufacturing and Distribution

In a year full of upheaval like no other in recent memory, transportation and logistics companies answered the bell in 2020 through hard work and initiative to provide essential services that kept economies moving and put people to work.


With freight volumes in 2021 predicted reach near-record numbers, the need for seamless back-office processes that help your shippers stay on top of their supply chains has become more urgent and more challenging as demand continues to ramp up. 


Is your company positioned to handle this influx of business….and responsibility? Or is your back-office the weak link?


By implementing paperless ECM solutions, you won’t need to add headcount to increase the efficiency of your back-office team by 2-3X!  


And when the next challenge comes?  You’ll have the peace of mind in knowing that your team can work securely… from anywhere they have a connection to the internet.

Here are the processes we can streamline and improve with paperless solutions:

  • Invoices to receive, approve, pay, store and manage (AP Automation)
  • Automated Bills of Lading (BOL) updates to your TMS
  • Automated Deliver Order (DO) updates to your TMS
  • Accident and Incident Reporting
  • Customer billing process
  • Paperless on-boarding of new clients with electronic signature-based processes
  • Regulatory documents
  • Driver and new employee on-boarding
Mosaic – Your Paperless Solution Experts
Our Paperless consultants will help you choose a software solution that is tailored to your unique needs by providing visibility into where your key business processes are lacking and how they can be improved with a digital tool on your side. We make it easy for you to rest assured that you choose the perfect software solution and we will set you up with a complete training documentation package.
Training your team to adopt new workflows and responsibilities like tracking KPIs can take time, so our consultants make ourselves available to you whenever you need us. We understand that hiccups can happen along the road to implementing your reliable solution, so we take a human-centered approach in all of our employee training and tech support measures.
If you’re considering implementing a paperless solution contact us today for a consultation.

Downloadable Guide: Reduce Order Entry Issues, Process Faster, Deliver Sooner

ECM Sales Order Automation croptop epicor

Business today is more competitive than ever. Does your business have the tools to keep up? Sales order entry is a mission-critical part of the sales transaction. Docstar ECM Sales Order Automation takes the extra work and worries out of sales order entry, automating the process and eliminating manual sales-order entry errors.

The Docstar ECM Paperless Solution includes the following benefits:

• Reliable integration with your ERP accounting and shipping software apps
• Easy workflow process for all users
• Scanning from any device you already own
• Online approval workflows for invoices and other documents

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