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Manufacturing & Distribution

Whether you manufacture products or distribute products or both, you have the following paper-related problems:

  • Tons of invoices to receive, approve, pay, store and manage
  • Order processing with manual data entry and paper “pick lists”
  • Tons of documents related to both shipping and receiving
  • Invoicing your customers in a timely manner after product ships
  • Millions of emails!

The DocStar ECM Paperless Solution includes the following benefits:

• Reliable integration with your ERP accounting and shipping software apps
• Easy workflow process for all users
• Scanning from any device you already own
• Online approval workflows for invoices and other documents

We have been using DocStar as a Storage and retrieval database for over 5 years. We are very pleased with the results. It has improved our productivity by eliminating the need for employees to search through multiple online file or sets of flat files for a specific drawing and eliminated employees searching for files that are sitting on co-workers’ desks.

Beth WolfeExecutive Assistant of Construction, Selig Enterprises
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