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Masters Gallery Foods

Masters Gallery Foods is headquartered in Plymouth, Wisconsin and is known for being one of the largest national cheese suppliers in the country. The company has grown so large that they employ 900 workers at two separate production facilities.

Established in 1974, the company makes cheese that is produced ethically and sustainably. Their dedication to their motto—”do the right thing”—has resulted in numerous awards like Manufacturer of the Year, Family Business of the Year, Economic Driver of the Year, Green Masters, and many more.

From Manual to Automation

In 2017, the team at Masters Gallery was on the hunt for a comprehensive enterprise content management (ECM) and process automation solution. They eventually selected Epicor ECM software (formerly called DocStar).

Before Epicor software, the company’s AP department was using paper folders to track document requests. This resulted in a lot of missing files, as well as errors with manual input. After Masters Gallery began working with Epicor software, their employees no longer had to contact accounts payable for missing data.

Documents can now be saved using virtually any input device and are accessible from all facilities. With Epicor software, Masters Gallery’s invoice approval process has been reduced from a full day to one hour. This was achieved through intelligent data capture (IDC) to save and index records for easy retrieval and processing. The new process has helped virtually eliminate invoicing errors.

Epicor software has transformed many areas of the company. Buyers can check payables and easily email them to vendors. Executives have more visibility into cash flow. And audits have become painless for everyone. Epicor software has empowered a growth mindset throughout the organization.

While moving to a new invoice management system can be difficult, Epicor’s training made the transition easy for Masters Gallery employees. “I appreciate the support that I get as I’m learning new things and coming across different options that I’m not familiar with,” said Shelly Weidig, a software developer at Masters Gallery.

“I can send an email and get a reply back quickly, or I can go online and ask for support that way. And it’s relatively fast and informative.”

Speeding Up Processes

At the most basic level, Epicor software allows Masters Gallery to scan, capture, retrieve, and store documents digitally in a central location. Having this content stored and accessible electronically allowed their entire organization to improve collaboration, increase efficiency, and enhance security.

“It takes less time to retrieve documents and process them,” said Weidig. By creating a paperless workflow, Epicor software improves productivity and saves costs.

The system has also allowed Masters Gallery to create and edit content-driven workflows, generate custom rules to process and route content for approval, and monitor progress through the workflow dashboard. “We’re able to pay invoices on time and take any discounts that are offered to us,” Weidig added. “We don’t miss out because we’re waiting for a buyer to approve something.”

Spreading Sustainability

Masters Gallery has an environmental impact initiative that carries through to their back-office operations—they have achieved more than 91% recycling efficiency in their manufacturing process. To continue this green streak, the company decided to work with Epcor software. They didn’t just want to improve their productivity and eliminate time-consuming document workflow processes. They also wanted to go paperless and become more efficient.

As Masters Gallery continues to grow and expand, the company is constantly looking for ways to advance. Epicor software is a valuable tool for them as they move into the future.

“I would definitely recommend DocStar [now Epicor] software to others,” said Weidig.

“It makes it easy for our employees to access the documents they’re looking for—the retrieval and the searching. It is all very easy to use. And we love DocStar’s [now Epicor’s] customer support,” – Weidig concluded.