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Paperless Workflow Automation for Multi-Location Dental Organizations

Document management solutions that remove the paper from dentists’ back-office workflows while seamlessly integrating with your EHR and ERP platforms.

In today’s fast-paced dental industry, the shift towards paperless workflows and automation has become crucial for multi-location dental organizations. Dentists and dental administrators need a solution that streamlines back-office processes and integrates seamlessly with electronic health records (EHR) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) platforms.

Mosaic, a leading provider in paperless workflow automation services, offers solutions that propel dental practices’ digital transformation to the next level. By implementing automation services, data sharing, electronic forms, and more, Mosaic enables dental organizations to optimize efficiency and reduce costs.

Our consultants will take your dental practice’s digital transformation to the next level with paperless workflow automation solutions from Mosaic.

Featured Case Study

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“Today, a team of three AP people are processing thousands of invoices per month with lower error rates, faster pay cycles, almost no printing costs, and flatlined shipping costs.”

Mosaic Corporation specializes in the implementation of the Docstar ECM AP Solution into these high growth multi-location medical and healthcare environments and has a proven track record with D4C in Atlanta.

What is driving the need for Dental Organizations to Go Paperless?

  • Growing fast and adding lots of locations but using a manual paper-based processing model
  • AP team falling behind and needing more headcount with high turnover and low employee morale
  • High error rates of data entry into your ERP resulting in double-pays, over-pays, etc.
  • Adding new locations every month and needing to take over payables is creating increased stress
  • High cost of shipping invoices around for processing from remote locations using UPS, FedEx, etc.
  • Skyrocketing printing costs as every invoice received via email was printed and then posted
  • Slow payment turnaround to suppliers because approval processes are not using technology

Most fast-growing dental service organizations (DSOs) are hiring tons of AP processors where there is high turnover and poor execution averaging less than 500 invoices per month per AP clerk. Mosaic’s technology services can boost this by 4x to over 2,000 invoices per month per person! Read the full D4C case study.

Let Go of Paper. Empower your Business.

Let Go of Paper.

Empower your Business.

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