Your Top 5 AP Automation “Must-Haves” for the New Year

For your business, the must-have for 2015 is AP Automation. On the ERP Software Blog, we’ve discussed Developing an ERP Strategy for Long Term Success, how to Gain Support for Automating Your AP Process in 5 Easy Steps and Preventing AP Automation Disaster with the Right Strategy and Planning.

In each of these blogs, I’ve highlighted how utilizing the right strategies for investigating, implementing and integrating AP Automation software can result in the best outcomes not only in managing your AP, but also in your overall ERP performance.

Now that you are ready to delve into selecting the right AP Automation software for your business, here are the top 5 “must-haves” for your wish list:

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Stretch Armstrong Flexibility 

Remember how flexible Stretch could be? Pretty amazing.  If anything is certain in technology, it is how systems and devices are constantly in flux. Any new system you purchase – whether AP Automation or an ERP, you need to make sure your vendors are up to date with the latest and greatest – and are building systems that can accommodate new and emerging mobile technology.