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Take the Paper Out of Your Paperwork

Bringing your manual paper processes all together into a smooth customized automated solution.  Even in enterprises where cultural adoption is the challenge. MOSAIC measures our success by your success.

Streamlining the work processes for; Accounting, Human Resources, Sales Order Processing, Report Management and other departments dealing with paper overload.

• End Your Paper Chaos • Increase Productivity and Happiness • Customized Workflows for Your Needs

Mosaic (n)

mo·sa·ic | mō-ˈzā-ik

1: When lots of tiny, individual pieces come together to create something new, striking, and elegant. This image is at the heart of our work as we match the right document management system to each unique organization we work with.

Be empowered to grow your business by automating accounts payable.

  • Accelerate Productivity

    Intelligent Data Capture recognition with automatic and 2 and 3-way matching and routing for improved vendor relations and customer service.

  • Access information anywhere, any time

    Electronic accounts payable invoice approval anytime, anywhere with mobile accessibility and tight ERP integrations.

  • Reduce Processing Costs

    Reduce and eliminate late payment penalities and capture early payment discounts.

Sales Order Automation
Adding value to your business, productivity to your process, and profit to your bottom line

Adding value to your business, productivity to your process, and profit to your bottom line

Business today is more competitive than ever.  Does your business have the tools to keep up?

Sales-order entry is a mission-critical part of the sales transaction – DocStar ECM Sales Order Automation takes the extra work and worry out of sales order entry, automating the process and eliminating manual sales-order entry errors.

Contract Management – Docstar ECM

Finally get ahead of all your expiring contracts and documents!

Are you tired of trying to keep track of expiring contacts, insurance policies and leases?
Docstar ECM enables you to receive notifications well in advance of expiring documents and will display all expiring documents in a “dashboard view” so you can sort by category (lease, contract, policy, etc.) or sort by expiry date.

Easy-to-Use Electronic Forms

Electronic Forms features

  • Easy to use drag and drop forms builder
  • Auto-populate data from other systems
  • Permission-based security
  • Automated email alerts for form status
  • Workflow integration based on form fields
  • Send electronic forms to external users for completion
  • Integration with any ERP, accounting, and CRM system
  • Ability to apply javascript to quickly and accurately perform complex calculation

Electronic Forms benefits

  • Capture, verify, approve and integrate data with core business systems to reduce costs, eliminate data entry errors and improve efficiency
  • Immediate data visibility allows for faster response time to improve service and shorten cycle times—internally and externally
  • Improve workflow visibility and collaboration across your entire organization
  • Digitally signed forms are legally binding forms ensure security and compliance
  • Eliminate paper, printing and storage costs up to 70%

Eliminate manual data entry forever

Why pay people for something that can be done through software automation?

Intelligent Data Capture eliminates the need to manually enter the valuable data off the millions of paper documents – forms, invoices, remittances, and more – received daily at organizations worldwide.

Docstar IDC:

  • Invoice Recognition and data lifting
  • Forms processing with OCR, ICR and Barcode reading
  • Automated Document classification (separates Invoices, Receiving Tickets, PO’s automatically)
  • Export to most any Accounting or Line of business application

What our customers say

In September of 2001, Mosaic Corporation implemented the DocStar document imaging system for our offices and this investment has dramatically changed our business processes for the better. Since we moved to document imaging with Mosaic, many GA-based Lenders, Closing Attorneys and Real Estate firms have adopted the same technology. We highly recommend DocStar and Mosaic.

Denise GryderExecutive Vice President, First Multiple Listing Service

The DocStar application has enabled us to effectively and efficiently manage all of our payables, through multiple approval layers; and yet reduce our accounting staff requirements. The system saves time, payroll dollars, file cabinet space, and of course paper. I would recommend Ken and his team (at Mosaic) to everyone.

Lanier Parking Solutions

We have been using DocStar document management software for over 5 years. We are very pleased with the results. It has improved our productivity by eliminating the need for employees to search through multiple online file or sets of flat files for a specific drawing and eliminated employees searching for files that are sitting on co-workers’ desks.

Beth WolfeExecutive Assistant of Construction, Selig Enterprises, Inc.

We chose DocStar and Mosaic in part because M-Financial had already vetted the solution. We knew it would meet our compliance requirements.

Janet PrescherOperations Manager, Nease, Lagana, Eden & Culley, Inc.

One of the biggest benefits we derive from DocStar is the convenience it provides our advisors in accessing paperwork when planning for, or during client meetings.  We are currently using DocStar as our Compliance Books and Records. We have easy access to  in-house and satellite advisors’ files for our on-going internal audits.

Karen Cooke Operations Manager, Integrated Financial Group

The DocStar system is fantastic. I love it and rave about it to whomever will listen. Ken is also a really great guy to work with. He has been unfailingly honest, concerned with customer service, punctual, reliable, and personable. I highly recommend Ken and Mosaic and DocStar to any small business which wants an easy-to-use, truly functional electronic filing system.

Loraine DeSalvoPartner, Morgan and DiSalvo, P.C., Attorneys at Law

As a municipal utility, we use DocStar to store a variety of different documents such as applications, contracts, work orders, and maps.  Our police department and administrative office also use the system to save various documents…We are very pleased with how simple DocStar is to setup and use, and Mosaic has been an excellent business partner.

Patrick BowieDirector of Utilities, LaGrange Georgia

Today we can answer questions within minutes that in the past could have taken days because we would have had to requisition documents that are stored off-site and then manually search those documents. Now, one click of a mouse instantly pulls up the documents and maps for a specific area or property.

Scott E. RobertsDirector of Information Technology, South Windsor CT

Having 35-40 fewer file cabinets to contend with may sound like benefit enough, but the Urbana School District has realized multiple advantages from moving its document management systems over to DocStar. The public has noticed a dramatic improvement in the ease of access to existing student records. That has been our biggest win so far. When people come in to get their transcripts, they don’t have to go through a lot of file cabinets or search through boxes of microfilm any more. We can find them so easily in DocStar!

Elaine WindinglandSupervisor, Urbana School District #116

Manufacturer audits used to be a nightmare because it took many hours to retrieve repair orders requested by Mercedes Benz to confirm that the service performed was, in fact, under warranty. Now, these audits have been vastly simplified as the auditor simple sits at a PC and enters RO numbers to “audit” repair orders in question. No one at RBM needs to be directly involved in this audit process.

Bob PageCTO, RBM of Atlanta

DocStar with its OCR and Barcode capabilities has already saved hundreds of man hours in the scanning process and will reduce the need for bulky expensive storage rooms. Peachtree Corners teamed with Mosaic Corp to implement DocStar and they have been wonderful to work with and we are looking forward to many years as partners.

Brandon BranhamBusiness License Manager, City of Peachtree Corners

Mosaic Customers Include:

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