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The cost effective, compliant solution for the Public Sector:

Docstar ECM is a powerful Browser Based ECM designed to capture, store and manage any document, from any location for a single department or, the entire enterprise. Finally, a modern application for municipalities designed for today’s requirements. Fast deployment, mobile readiness, accessible from any device and easy to use.

Docstar ECM can also serve as the Universal document management center for all of your applications. Our ability to “push” and “pull” data, federate searches across multiple platforms and seamlessly integrate with all ODBC compliant applications makes Eclipse the one stop shop for all records management.

Docstar ECM workflow brings it all together with fluid processes for invoice approvals, collaboration and much more.

World mapDocuments Related to Arc-GIS Data

Your Maps, Your Content!
Yes, your content within Your Browser-based Portal as ArcGIS for Docstar ECM  provides a conduit for organizations to easily view specific Geographic Information System (GIS) spatial information and related documents in seconds. Users can easily access GIS layers and features while instantly displaying related GIS maps, data and documents – all with the click of a button.

Is your Government Agency Situationally Aware?

“Delivering relevant information in real time.” Docstar ECM defines this outcome as “Situational Awareness.
Historically, the most common means of obtaining situational awareness would be to identify what information is required for the mission and search through printed material, data repositories, Web links, news media, and voice communication.

This manual process is very time-consuming and may not produce timely results. As such, IT infrastructure and systems have to be developed to collect data and information from disparate sources, process the data into logical outputs, and push it to the user to make better and more informed decisions. The systematic process of obtaining the right information at the right place and time is optimized by geographic information system (GIS) technology with document management software from Docstar ECM.

ArcGIS for Docstar ECM is essential technology for providing personnel with enhanced situational awareness. Data and information stored or hyperlinked via a geo-database provides intuitive, actionable information in the context of a map, and in real time.

Mosaic – Your Paperless Solution Experts
Our Paperless consultants will help you choose a software solution that is tailored to your unique needs by providing visibility into where your key business processes are lacking and how they can be improved with a digital tool on your side. We make it easy for you to rest assured that you choose the perfect software solution and we will set you up with a complete training documentation package.
Training your team to adopt new workflows and responsibilities like tracking KPIs can take time, so our consultants make ourselves available to you whenever you need us. We understand that hiccups can happen along the road to implementing your reliable solution, so we take a human-centered approach in all of our employee training and tech support measures.
If you’re considering implementing a paperless solution contact us today for a consultation.

Areas of Application:

• Zoning
• Licensing
• Clerks Records
• Community Records

• Accounting
• Human Resources
• Operations
• Building Records

DocStar logo

City of Peachtree Corners logoDocstar with its OCR and Barcode capabilities has already saved hundreds of man hours in the scanning process and will reduce the need for bulky expensive storage rooms. Peachtree Corners teamed with Mosaic Corp to implement Docstar and they have been wonderful to work with and we are looking forward to many years as partners.

Brandon BranhamBusiness License Manager

LaGrange, Georgia logoAs a municipal utility, we use Docstar to store a variety of different documents such as applications, contracts, work orders, and maps.  Our police department and administrative office also use the system to save various documents…We are very pleased with how simple Docstar is to setup and use, and Mosaic has been an excellent business partner.

Patrick BowieDirector of Utilities
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