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The Docstar ECM legal document management system securely scans and stores your case files, along with critical electronic files, allowing for quick and easy document retrieval… all without ever leaving your desk. Docstar ECM also integrates with case management software, so you can continue to use your everyday system and gain the value of electronic filing and ability to retrieve using keywords with Docstar ECM.

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Legal Document Management Benefits

• Easy Federal and State electronic case filing.
• Efficient matter centric filing structure.
• Streamline document processes and reduce errors.
• Controlled access to files anytime, anywhere.
• Securely email large case files through YouSendIt™.
• Improve operational efficiency.
• Move from cumbersome paper to digital documents.
• Reduce demand for physical space.

Morgan and Disalvo, P.C. logoThe Docstar system is fantastic. I love it and rave about it to whomever will listen. Ken is also a really great guy to work with. He has been unfailingly honest, concerned with customer service, punctual, reliable, and personable. I highly recommend Ken and Mosaic and Docstar to any small business which wants an easy-to-use, truly functional electronic filing system.

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