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Affordable Insurance Document Management is our policy

Docstar ECM is a total solution that scans, stores and retrieves your paper documents with ease and simplicity. Implementing insurance document management allows your agency to save space, time and money. Never again worry that your documents are misplaced or lost.

Insurance Document Management Benefits

  • Docstar ECM partners with leading agency management systems to provide seamless integration
  • Easy to use and implement; easy to customize workflows to fit your operation
  • Retrieve documents by keyword – it’s like having Google for your files!
  • Print, Fax, or Email any document
  • Maintain audit trails and guarantee legal compliance
  • Enhance Best Practices for consistent handling of documents

Integration with Your Agency Management System

Docstar ECM integrates seamlessly with agency management systems while keeping your documents safe and accessible. Even if your management system is down, Docstar ECM is available. If you move to another agency management system, your documents will move with you.

  • Applied ConneXion® – Docstar ECM uses Applied System’s ConneXion® toolkit to provide a unique integration module for TAM and TAM Online. This is the only integration mechanism supported by Applied Systems.
  • AMS Integration Alliance Member

Agency Management Integrations

Docstar ECM leads the way with the most popular agency management system integrations including:

• AfW™

• AMS 360™ Inhouse

• AMS 360™ Online


• Instar™

• Prime™

• Sagitta™ & Sagitta Online™ (AMS Web Services)

• TAM™

• TAM Online™

NLEC logoThe Docstar application has enabled us to effectively and efficiently manage all of our payables, through multiple approval layers; and yet reduce our accounting staff requirements. The system saves time, payroll dollars, file cabinet space, and of course paper. I would recommend Ken and his team (at Mosaic) to everyone.

Janet PrescherOperations Manager

Docstar saved time in responding to customer requests…competitors boast about one-day turnaround, we can deliver quotes within two to three minutes with Docstar.

Michael N. ChambersThe Tassey Group

Professional Insurance Agent logo

As long as you have the paper there, you’re going to always try and go back and find it. But once you see it’s gone, it forces you to move to the Docstar system. And then you find you get things about five times faster and you get everything in one search, rather than have to go to two or three different files.

Jerry DukeExecutive Director

Docstar feels like a natural extension of TAM.

Leo DaprilePresident, Gem Young Insurance

Professional Insurance Agent logoBeing an association, we have tremendous amounts of paper, including membership rosters and things of that nature. Using Docstar has let us go out and retrieve documents much more easily.

Jerry DukeExecutive Director

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