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Restaurants, Hotels and Craft Breweries

Whether you manage a multi-store restaurant operation or a multi-state restaurant supply company, you have the following issues to manage:

  • Tons of invoices to receive, approve, pay, store and manage.
  • Expense of getting invoices to the central office for processing
  • Dealing with short-pays and/or short deliveries or mis-deliveries
  • P&L reporting per store or geography
  • Lots of HR documents for the constant stream of new hires
  • Making your documents widely available to stores managers and senior staff

The Epicor ECM Solution includes the following benefits:

  • Easy scanning and importing of invoices from any location
  • Paperless workflow and approval routing
  • Integration with your accounting system
  • Access control for who can see which documents
  • Secure backups to avoid catastrophic loss of files
  • Elimination of dozens of costs and expense items

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