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DocStar ECM Essentials for Utilities

The First Step to Becoming Paperless

Right Fit, Right Price, Right Now

Many utilities want to go paperless and know they need to but resist making the move because of the cost and cultural resistance; many long-term employees don’t want to give up their paper!

But, what happens when the next pandemic comes along? How will remote employees access essential files? What about fire, flood, theft or wind damage? Mother nature can be ruthless.

The DocStar ECM Essentials bundle is a simple and affordable solution that can be deployed quickly for managing your documents and processes – all within a browser. Empower your utility and your work-from-home users with enterprise content management while also protecting your files which are your mission critical assets. This “Essentials Bundle” is like insurance for your utility’s document archive.

What files can be managed with Docstar ECM for Utilities?

Featured Case Study

Morristown Utilities logo
“Mosaic was fantastic. They hit the ground running and within a month we were ready to do testing,”

 With Docstar ECM AP Automation, MUC is now processing 200 invoices a month. Productivity improvements enabled MUC to reduce the number of employees tasked with handling AP operations by 50%

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