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Outsourced Scanning Services

Source your backfile scanning needs to Mosaic:
Both onsite files (file cabinets and banker’s boxes) and offsite files (Iron Mountain, Recall and other) are a cost to your business.

If you store now with Iron Mountain or Recall, do not feed the monster any more! Here are some cost savings:

  • Eliminate monthly storage costs at $5 per box
  • Eliminate pull costs at $300 + per trip to your location
  • Eliminate courier expenses both ways and re-stocking fee
  • Eliminate cost of rummaging through box to find the right file

If you store your own files either onsite or offsite, here are some costs that can add up:

  • Labor for storing and retrieving boxes and facility management
  • Cost of damaged files from weather exposure
  • Space lease costs
  • Utility costs
  • Insurance costs
  • Security costs
  • Lack of immediate access (soft cost)

Why outsource this need to Mosaic?

• Lowest cost solution with highest possible quality standards
• Local labor screened carefully for competence and attention to detail
• Store your paper files at Flextecs at no charge while scanning a small amount each month and also get free “file pulls” on demand.
• Documents imported into your DocStar system for all DocStar users

In September of 2001, Mosaic Corporation implemented the DocStar document imaging system for our offices and this investment has dramatically changed our business processes for the better. Since we moved to document imaging with Mosaic, many GA-based Lenders, Closing Attorneys and Real Estate firms have adopted the same technology. We highly recommend DocStar and Mosaic.

Denise GryderExecutive Vice President
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