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Intuitive and affordable Paperless management for Community Banks.

DocStar offers:

  • Electronic “checklists” providing detail on what required documents are in every loan file and which are missing.
  • Flexibility to align with your business processes, document requirements for every loan type and your strategies for compliance.
  • Fast “look ups” for loan packages, approvals and more. Simply type a portion of the account name and view the entire loan file divided into logical sections.
  • Reduced labor costs – DocStar minimizes personnel requirements and helps you comply with records retention requirements.
  • Reduced demand for physical space – Images are secure, protected and significantly reduce physical storage requirements.
  • File protection – Protects against loss due to disasters, while critical data can still be kept on-site.
  • Irrefutable document integrity – AuthentiDate Image Marking technology virtually eliminates any possibility of altering documents without detection.

“We found DocStar’s ability to automatically generate customized checklists for every loan type was a big advantage.”

Heather D. SmithVice President – Loan Operations & Administration

It is much easier for us to look up loan file data because the system is available right at our desk. Searching and finding documents is fast, easy and has improved our banks operational efficiency.

Billy CookPresident

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