Artsyl InvoiceAction Demo

Manual, paper-based invoice processing has been the standard for decades, but the process is both time-consuming and expensive. As your business grows, the more time you spend manually inputting data from your invoices means more costs and less time to focus on your customers. That’s where invoice processing automation comes in.

Artsyl InvoiceAction is an intelligent data capture software you can use to eliminate manual data entry for your invoice processing procedures. Watch the demo below to learn more about how this unique software can help your business withthe task of posting invoices to your accounting system.

How It Works

Artsyl InvoiceAction’s workflow automates your invoice processing through invoice recognition and data lifting, processing, classifying and exporting your invoices and data, so you don’t have to. Here’s how it works:

  1. Receive and capture your invoices as PDF files.
  2. Copy a batch of invoices into Artsyl InvoiceAction’s hot folder — this prompts the system to start analyzing the files for data.
  3. Open the Artsyl InvoiceAction Verification Station to check the progress of the analysis. Once the system is done with the analysis, the invoices and collected data will appear here.
  4. If the collected data meets all business rules, the analyzed invoice will appear with a green check-mark. If not, this means the data does not meet business rules and needs to be checked. Most data the software is not sure of will appear in a pop-up window for verification. Otherwise, you can manually input data from the invoice until it meets business rules.
  5. Once all the invoices in the batch are confirmed, you can export the data for delivery to your document management system, accounting system, ERP, CRM, database or other back-end systems.

This system provides your business with a smooth invoice processing workflow that saves your accounting department time and resources, so you can focus on expanding your business.

The Benefits of Automation

Automated invoice workflows are extremely helpful for cutting down your invoice processing time, though that’s not the only benefit you stand to experience. Artsyl InvoiceAction automated processing can help your organization:

  • Save Time:Automated invoice processing can save your working hours each month, making it easier to meet customer and vendor deadlines while maintaining cash flow. Not only that, but digitizing your data with the Artsyl InvoiceAction system allows you to retrieve, comment on or send data and documents easily and quickly, improving operational efficiency.
  • Save Money:Being able to delegate invoice processing can mean big savings for your business. Not only can you reduce the cost of labor spent on invoice processing, but you can improve invoice turnaround time so that you get paid more quickly.
  • Save Data:Artsyl’s intelligent data capture system helps keep human error to a minimum, maximizing your data quality, so you don’t lose money or resources on costly data entry mistakes.

Interested in minimizing manual data entry for your business? Contact Mosaic Paperless Solutions today to learn more about what this system can do for you. Remember to ask about the Artsyl InvoiceAction demo, as well.